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Kdogg788Say what? I don't check this site as much as I used to but my email that was on the 9th roster still works. Aidan, thank you for being one of the few to stay while everyone was jumping ship to NS and other parts unknown. Over time I slowly declined activity in this game and haven't really played much at all this year. Like I explained to Aten, it became disheartening to be online and have maybe one ore two others in the unit on at the same time. In order to change in game leadership I have to patch the game to most recent version. Unfortunately, I have to log off in less than an hour. I won't have time to patch up and get in game till this weekend. I'd like to stay within the unit in some capacity even with diminished role as I can't be on as much as I once did.
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Atenshu   Of course you can stay on foo! When you get a chance pass me leadership in game!
AidanAten, no luck contacting KDogg788 yet. 8O(
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AtenshuOn May 31st, the roster will be scrubbed and the forums archived. Accept the event invite to retain 9thsword level clearance.
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Strikken   Accepted... currenty reactivating my mechs... Good dropping with you A10
Kdogg788   Set to attending to retain membership. I am honestly surprised as to how many are set to attending. Some names I haven't seen around here in years.
AtenshuWebsite updated! Enjoy!
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Atenshu   Will be adding more, currently working on a new roster system
Atenshu   Thanks dudes!
One Jolly Eye   Wow!, the new look is amazing!
Kdogg788So.. I did it. I finally rebought the Battletech box set I had as a kid. My first project is to make new mech counters using MWO art, as well as new maps in AutoCAD with MWO maps underlaying a hex pattern. Unfortunately I will be in the field through Wednesday and the end of the week I won't be in the office of course. Has anyone else done this already?
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Tarl Cabot   iie, I still have the original Battledroids box set before it was changed to Battletech :) Did you know that FASA at the time had 3 different levels of difficulty? I had forgotten about it until I went looking for something and reread the rules.
Kdogg788   I'm a little bummed that because of my work schedule right now I haven't had much more time than to read through the books. Still it's nice to have the game again and it is in pretty much mint condition. Blast from the past for sure. I was 9 years old back in 87' when I got the game!
Closet TreadheadI'll be on a bit over the weekend for the Kurita loyalist/Battle of Luthien event.
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Freebrth~ Just sayin Hi. I am on/off quite a bit, usually jump on, play a couple rounds of QP, or maybe an FP or two, then off to other things. Sadly PGI hasn't really done a whole lot to make the game much more than a FPS game utilizing my favorite title, and that salts me a bit more than it should at times, thus my gaming there kind of reflects that. Been playing Fallen Earth a bit (sorta like a fallout 3-onlinw(ish) kinda game ~ Fun, quiet, wastelands and exploring, crafting etc.).
~ If I am on, and you if don't mind a couple short drops, feel free to say hi or send me an invite -- although poorly designed, I do check the chat there when playing (usually a couple times here-n-there in a given day).... hope everyone is doing well.
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Kdogg788   Doing good here. I'm not logging in nearly as much as I used to. Truth it I'm having more fun with driving/racing games like Forza and F1. There's more excitement here about the upcoming release of Forza 7 and Project Cars 2 than what PGI has done lately. Every grand CW change doesn't ultimately seem to do anything. Not saying I hate MWO, just I'm not fired up about it at the moment.
Red Chameleon   Kinda the same as Kdogg said. I took a break from MWO, but I still keep tabs on PGI's updates. :d
DragonVerityI just dropped in to the tutorial to check out the game. I know it's been a grip but I wanted to check in and see how everyone is and maybe do a few drops.
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Ultra-Laser   I'll see about dropping by the next few nights but next week I'll be even more away from the game then I have been, nice to hear from you all the same.
Kdogg788   It's been a while for me. I've had like zero time. Out pretty much all last weekend and my wife has projects pretty much all weekend this coming Sat/Sun. Not sure when I'll be on next.
Kdogg788Does anyone know when Battletech officially launches with the open ended campaign? For a game to have a planned release in 2017 yet no release date at the end of July is a little concerning. From what I've read the beta skirmishes alone aren't enough to keep people interested.
Kdogg788   From the looks of it PGI are giving HG the big finger and it's business as usual with mech pack sales. I assume HG let PGI sell unseen related mechs for a while without suing so that they would have something to go for in a lawsuit. HBS on the other hand appears much more cautious. I'm going to hold off on Battletech for now. There's no shortage of other games and I don't want to invest in a game that may never see actual release.
MightyMeatShield   Release pushed back to 2018.
Kdogg788   Why am I not shocked. Waiting till release on this one. In the meantime there will be many other games coming out such as FM7 next month.
Kdogg788Hi everyone. We are still here, still alive. I know some of us have summer plans. Some of us are waiting on the civil war tech update to see what it does with the game. If you don't see me on a given Saturday night don't worry, I'm not leaving.

If anyone here has Xbox One/360 and Xbox Live you can also add me on Xbox Live under the same name, Kdogg788. I have a ton of Xbox games but play the Forza series most. If you're more into PC games message me on here if you want to play Battlefield BC2, 3, 4, Payday 2, Borderlands 2, etc. My EA name is a little different so we'd have to meet in the TS and match servers for Battlefield. Anyways, let everyone know if you're down for gaming of any kind.

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Kdogg788   Thank you very much Tarl!
Ultra-Laser   Thanks for getting us squared away for the year Tarl!
One Jolly Eye   what are advanced days?
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Password: Dragon
Axe-age, sword-age - sundered are shields Wind-age, wolf-age, ere the world crumbles; Will the spear of no man spare the other. The Isengrim The distant JàrnFòlk of the Deep Periph...
Ultra-Laser   Mot sure I posted that right but it should say frrhub(dot)isengrim(dot)org
One Jolly Eye   I'm on there most often than not. Some good pilots to be found.
I usually drop with the underdog unit, as they are on during EU times. Good guys the lot of 'em.
If you are online during Evening EU time, come find some good people to drop with.
Kdogg788There's still time to complete the Memorial Day event. As a heads up, you get 11 items including some of seen since closed beta, 3 colors, a decal, a mech and a mech bay. All this can be yours for accumulating 10,000 total match score. Very doable if you put in some time on it.
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Freebrth   Bunny and I got our goodies. Though, I admit I wish they had made some small revision, color change or something to the three classics... the coconut, dawn and dice were really rare since they were original promotionals from the old days.
Kdogg788   So prett much the only things they haven't given away again are the PC Gamer colors. Remember the hoops you had to go through to get those?
Freebrth   Hopefully they wont give away the PC Gamer skin or colors. I run those on my triplet K2s that I built for CW, identified by annual cupcakes, lol.
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