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Kdogg788Hi everyone. We are still here, still alive. I know some of us have summer plans. Some of us are waiting on the civil war tech update to see what it does with the game. If you don't see me on a given Saturday night don't worry, I'm not leaving.

If anyone here has Xbox One/360 and Xbox Live you can also add me on Xbox Live under the same name, Kdogg788. I have a ton of Xbox games but play the Forza series most. If you're more into PC games message me on here if you want to play Battlefield BC2, 3, 4, Payday 2, Borderlands 2, etc. My EA name is a little different so we'd have to meet in the TS and match servers for Battlefield. Anyways, let everyone know if you're down for gaming of any kind.

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Kdogg788   Thank you very much Tarl!
Ultra-Laser   Thanks for getting us squared away for the year Tarl!
One Jolly Eye   what are advanced days?
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Password: Dragon
Axe-age, sword-age - sundered are shields Wind-age, wolf-age, ere the world crumbles; Will the spear of no man spare the other. The Isengrim The distant JàrnFòlk of the Deep Periph...
Ultra-Laser   Mot sure I posted that right but it should say frrhub(dot)isengrim(dot)org
One Jolly Eye   I'm on there most often than not. Some good pilots to be found.
I usually drop with the underdog unit, as they are on during EU times. Good guys the lot of 'em.
If you are online during Evening EU time, come find some good people to drop with.
Kdogg788There's still time to complete the Memorial Day event. As a heads up, you get 11 items including some of seen since closed beta, 3 colors, a decal, a mech and a mech bay. All this can be yours for accumulating 10,000 total match score. Very doable if you put in some time on it.
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Freebrth   Bunny and I got our goodies. Though, I admit I wish they had made some small revision, color change or something to the three classics... the coconut, dawn and dice were really rare since they were original promotionals from the old days.
Kdogg788   So prett much the only things they haven't given away again are the PC Gamer colors. Remember the hoops you had to go through to get those?
Freebrth   Hopefully they wont give away the PC Gamer skin or colors. I run those on my triplet K2s that I built for CW, identified by annual cupcakes, lol.
Ultra-LaserHouse Kurita/FRR hub had its address changed too [link] but looks to be the same otherwise. Sorry for the bad info in the MOTD.
Link Description
Kdogg788   Is the message revised in game? I wasn't able to get on last night.
Closet TreadheadHey, if anyone's on right now, me and Ultra-Laser are dropping as of 2130 hours 5/26. Anyone is welcome to join in if you want to.
Ultra-Laser   Liquidz joined in just as you left, had a good couple matches before my client crashed and I decided to call it quits. Thanks for playing.
Kdogg788The event sale is almost over and there are some decent mechs up on there. Remember also to check the gift store prices vs buying some of the heroes with MC. Unless you bought a big MC pack, Black Widow for example is cheaper in the store if you own the Warhammer pack. I bought the Mauler, 2 Hunch IIC, Ebin A, and a Jenner IIC. Still need a Rifleman and Archer for nostalgia purposes.
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One Jolly Eye   Dude, I went to town on these sales!!!! I got about 40 mil with all the module refunds and filled all may mecbays!!! wooo hoooo.
take advantage of it if you can. I did!!!
Kdogg788   No doubt right?! I had 154 million before and I'm down to 109 now after outfitting them all. Buying on sale saved me about 11 million which I used for IIC XL engines. Thanks to GSP refunds they are all mastered as well. Jenner IIC first game 571 damage, 2 kills. Runs hot though so tactics are different for this one than Oxide.
Ultra-LaserBit overdue for a heads up, but I've recently started working weekends and therefore will be unable to make Saturday practice pretty much ever. I will aim to make Fridays instead, so feel welcome to invite me to whatever group you might have going around then instead.
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Red Chameleon   I'm one day ahead so your Friday is actually my Saturday afternoon so if you need some company I might be able to hop on as well, depending on RL and such ;)
Kdogg788Skill tree planner released! This was super fast but check out this handy web tool.

MWO Skill Tree Planner
A skill tree planner for Mechwarrior Online
Kdogg788So we now have the new skill tree. So far I've only added skills to lights. Not sure the optimum way of running larger mechs yet. Will have to figure some of the bonuses. Anyone have draft or early skill tree ideas?
MightyMeatShield   I'm going to wait until the skilltreecrafters have figured this out. Pretty sure GMan and those like him will have something in progress soon. There's also the laser weapons pass coming in June per the patch notes.
Kdogg788   Right now survival tree makes a massive difference for heavier mechs. I've only skilled up a couple and I'm experimenting with lights and mechs I don't play as much, but Oxide with full mobility, sensors, and some operations is pretty insane. 500 damage first game. Very snappy.
Kdogg788Everyone, the skill tree releases in less than 24 hours. Get your last minute GXP shopping done and use up as many of those points as you can. Also if you have modules these will be refunded in the form of free skill XP usable without Cbill penalty if purchased before December 3 of last year. Modules bought since then will be refunded with Cbills.
MightyMeatShield   Is it better to use up the GXP or just save it? For example, I only have about 80k GXP so I can unlock the last module slots on just about 4 mechs. I have no idea which ones would be a good use of it as I wasn't tracking the skill tree changes much.
Kdogg788   I used all mine. Nearly 80k worth to unlock nodes before the patch. Only unlocked skills translate to free nodes.
Kdogg788   The last module slot is worth 34 free nodes under the new system. As for which mechs to take, the more quirk reliant ones (ie. Dragon 1N) are going to feel the burn much more than a balanced chassis like the Warhammer,
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DremnonEvening folks! Just wanted to pass along that during the FP event NS along with a few other IS groups are trying to form 12 man groups every night. Groups include -42- and EVIL just to name a few. If you're looking for a group to drop with please feel free to message me or anyone else that you know over at NS and we will do our best to work you into groups. Cheers.

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Kdogg788   We're always down. With work during the week I won't have a lot of time till the coming weekend though. I will look for your group when I'm on. Are you guys dropping on the NS server or will you be on FRR/HK? I've been in the CW/FW longships and in the RSOR FW open groups.
Kdogg788Message to all: The premium site still has 40 days left but today I have successfully cut the number of modules down to the required 20 that the basic site supports, therefore there won't be any surprises once the premium subscription runs out. The site will be able to remain in the state that it is in now. There are some dead links on the home page banner and on the page sides, but the forum, news, shout box, roster, ranks, and logins will be successfully retained. Thank you for your continued support.
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