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Kdogg788This weekend is Easter weekend and I understand that many of us have plans with family but if you plan on maybe being on Saturday night at some point (I'm usually on sometime around 9pm EST), share here if you can. I'll be signing onto the FRR/HK TS. Dremnon has also said he will send invites for quickplay groups if they have openings, therefore we can combine with NS into a larger group and get some of our newer guys some training and practice. See you there!
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Kremlynn   I will do my best to be there. At this point in time I do not forsee any reason why I cannot make it.
Red Chameleon   Same here. I don't think I have anything planned during that time so I should be good.
Kdogg788Everyone, I've started to remove modules from the site. The Enjin site is built upon a series of tools called modules. Within the premium version of the site we are allowed 50 and currently run 38. The premium has a little over months to go before the site reverts to basic, at which time we have to be down to 20 modules. Things might ultimately look a little different but I will try to retain as many essential functions as possible. One change to come is folding all EU members into the NA roster ranks. We don't really have an active EU presence anymore and most EU members are no longer active. Some of these members might not be in game but are welcome back to drop with us anytime.
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Kdogg788   Edit*Two months of premium remain.
MightyMeatShield   Makes sense. Thanks for being proactive about it.
Kdogg788   I'm down to about 25 modules. Almost there but the cuts are starting to get difficult.
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One Jolly EyeI'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. See you all round when I get back.
Kdogg788I might be a little late this weekend to the game. There's a race in the Forza 6 league from 7 till at least 9.
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duck4949Hi all, sorry to say I have decided to leave the unit for a period so I can play in the upcoming MRBC league. I intend to be back sooner than later and will be around. Wish all your aim's to be true.
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Kdogg788   We'll be here...
Strikken   Just leave the Pirate's bane in the mechbay on your way out ;)
Kdogg788Just as a heads up. The FRR TS is our only current TS at the moment. Nimrod's TS is gone and Kusu's TS is down with an odd error prompt showing up when you attempt to log in. I've updated the 9th TS thread in the General forum accordingly.
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One Jolly Eye   Cant find the link. could you post the address?
Kdogg788   Combined HK/FRR server courtesy of Mech the Dane: [link] Password: Dragon
Kdogg788   Please utilize the TS services if you log in. If you are only playing solo you can add the tag to your name so everyone knows. It helps to present a unified front if we use TS more often and may help to get others in the game and dropping together.
Red ChameleonOOOH I am so happy. One of my favorite Mechs are about to be playable!!!
MWO: Civil War
1 Special Variant (UZL-3S) with IS Civil War Paint Job, and a +30% C-Bill boost
Strikken   Agreed
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